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Japanese gonorrhea.
Joshiro knew from the greenish-yellow discharge from his chimpo that he had the krap again.
by harry flashman July 27, 2003
Rap music when performed by K-Fed (Kevin Federline). Obviously, a play on the words "crap" and his hip hop nickname.
Did you see him perform at the Teen Choice Awards? That song was K-Rap!
by Ikcor August 24, 2006
Call letters for any radio or TV station that plays rap music.
Hey D.J., turn off that obnoxious K-RAP before your Uncle B takes your X-Box and shoves it up your ass!
by Uncle Bubba August 14, 2004
A player of COD who often wins the rounds they are involved in and manages to always score high.
Their modes include KC and HQ where they often are very objective focused and will willingly sacrifice their KD for a win.
Their SPM is always above average and they always are first into a room.
Their pure panache is undeniable and along with excessive use of explosives will always leave a lasting impression.

Krap merely breaks down to Kill R#pe And Pwn a motto which krap players live by.
"Oh man krap won again"
"Only krap could've put an RPG into that room"
"Did krap really just C4 themselves?"
by Plumbo November 02, 2012
A derogatory word for someone who is of mixed Korean/Japanese Heritage. Korean + Japanese
That girl over there is a Krap, her father is japanese and her mother is korean.
by smacktheweasel August 13, 2010
A gheto way to say shit,crap, or dung.
I got to take a krap. Hurry up I got to take a crap too.
by Andre April 25, 2005
A way to spell crap which is often used in chat rooms that don't allow swearing of any sort. People use this was to say crap so they won't get away with swearing.
1: hey dood wuts up?
2: nothin much
1: holy krap!
2: krap?
1: yah, krap.
by xoxomandaa October 20, 2008
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