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To dance with the devil is when you need to take a dump but you are not sure if there is enough toilet paper, but you go for it anyways.
I just had a Dance with the devil, and somehow I won
by smacktheweasel October 27, 2010
a euphemism meaning masturbation
I walked into the room and saw my roomie smack the weasel
by smacktheweasel July 17, 2011
A derogatory word for someone who is of mixed Korean/Japanese Heritage. Korean + Japanese
That girl over there is a Krap, her father is japanese and her mother is korean.
by smacktheweasel August 13, 2010
1. a malapropism for the word faggot
2. a ridiculous hat that makes someone look gay
1. That guy has a really nice fag hat
by smacktheweasel July 20, 2010

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