A person of scouse origins, eminating from the kop grandstand, the single most epic and deafening football stand throughout european history and the modern era. The word kopite refers to the supporter of Liverpool FC, the outstanding representatives of the english league, liverpool are the most decorated and successful club in british history. Second to none. None.
"Jamie Carragher is a converted Kopite, la."
"We are the famous kopites"
by Eddy Donson September 22, 2008
Widely regarded by many well balanced and knowledgeable people associated with Association Football, (including Maradona, and Johan Cruijff amoungst others), to be the most fervent and passionate football fans in Europe, if not the world.
Can you hear the kopites roar? 'We are the champions, Champions of Europe'.
by cherrypicker August 27, 2006
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