One who wears Liverpool hat, Liverpool scarf, Liverpool badges, Liverpool replica jersey, waves Liverpool flag but couldn't name ten Liverpool players or point out Anfield on a map!
Look at that twat with all the replica gear on, he must be a kopite.
by Geffmeister September 28, 2006
see Dickhead. They are normally from scandinavia or London or any place OTHER than Liverpool.
What a dickhead. He must be a kopite.
by Carl Fairclough January 15, 2007
A person of dubious parentage, hailing from various unfashionable towns and cities throughout Europe - such as Basildon, Stavanger or Truro.

Rumoured to be occasionally native to Mersyside, although this has ever been verififed and is thought to be an urban myth.

Often wears badges and scarves, they live in the 70's in a fashion sense and cloud cuckoo land in every other sense.

"Kopites are vermin and if you find them they should be hung on the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey with their own scarves. This will help to keep their numbers down at a manageable level." - D Moyes, Vermin control expert.

(They will mate with their own relatives given the chance and can breed at an alarming rate, particularly when there is a sniff of a trophy in the pestilent air around their place of congregation analfield). They may also be related to the common woodlouse as so many of them come out of the woodwork at these times.
"Will you look at the state of that kopite twat, covered in badges the whopper!"

"Take that scarf off you beaut, it makes you look like a kopite"
by NedFlanders January 23, 2008
One who lacks the imagination to support their own local football club, and so jumps on the bandwagon of supporting whatever spawny team that happens to be winning trophies at the time - i.e. Liverpool FC. Would never go near a real life football match - prefers to watch on Sky TV, whom as we all know, invented the sport in 1993.
'Now let me see. I come from Cornwall, I'm good at shitting in my hand and throwing it at people, my cousins in Norway and Devon like this lot, and I'm looking for a football team that have the entry rules for competitions changed simply to allow us to enter. I know, I'll become a Kopite. Eh, the Kop? What's that, never heared of it'
by Football match attender July 07, 2006
A person from Liverpool who dresses up in a replica shirt and goes to watch the game in the pub also see "Tellyclapper"
I used to be a Kopite but cant get a ticket la so im going the pub to cheer the mighty reds on
by Go the game blue August 27, 2009
the definition of the word scum, not even pikeys are hated as much as kopites, cant even speak english the dirty squeaky wallet stealing cunts.
Bloke1: you have a horrid queer accent, were are ya from?

Bloke2: from liverpool mate, up the reds.

Bloke1: your a kopite i see. get ta fuck away from me ya dirty squeaky good for nothin rat faced bastard ye.
by Larrytheflint November 14, 2011
The most annoying, most biased and arrogant bastards who claim to love football and Liverpool. They are seen sniffing around Anfield everyday even when a match isnt on. They are mostly Scandinavians who go on about that they are apparently the ''best team in the world'' <<<--- OMG!....Even though they havent won a league for almost 20 years an seem to have a fucking nagging luck for winning everything they participate in on penalties.
''I was walking past the kopites ground Anfield yesterday and was surrounded by atleast 20 foreigners when there wasnt even a fucking game on''
by jardinhio August 09, 2009
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