Someone who refuses to accept the truth no matter what evidence is placed in front of them.
Despite the fact his Parrot has been dead for nine years Billy still thinks it's alive, healthy and will win the Champions League next year.
by Goat Boy May 14, 2003
A deluded creature, normally seen in red, originating from Merseyside. They are known to smell, shag their own Mothers and luckily gain access to European Competitions. Kopites are known as Gobshites. A Kopite. In direct contrast with the Mighty Blues, Everton.
Look at that kopite fucking ones Mother
by Ren Ball September 01, 2005
One who smells of urine and urinates in fellow kopites' pockets
Phil is down on his luck, he has a big red nose and stinks of wee. He is a Kopite
by lizardo_jr April 08, 2003
(n) See 'Anal Secretion'
Hark! I have found a Kopite in my underwear.
by Fish Fong Chips April 08, 2003
Full of shite
David Neve is full of shite, a typical kopite.
by Anonymous April 08, 2003
n. see wanker
A Kopite May be seen shouting Stevie G LAAAAAAAA. Will not have a scouse accent
#cock #norway #wanker #knobhead #glory-hunter
by craig-h May 24, 2006
A person to whom the word "Loyalty" has no sense or meaning. Usually eminating from places where there already exists a perfectly supportable footballl club, they choose to "Gloryhunt" others teams instead, to improve their status. These people whilst having the greek name Kopitus Redshitus, rarely if ever go the match, and prefer to wear their scarves in Bars at home or abroad on holiday. They also usually smell and look disabled..
Kopite - Limping, cockeyed, piss stained, person from Leicester who wears a 1989 Football top and thinks its still current. Is more than prepared to put on a false scouse accent, and thinks Everton is in Cambridgeshire. Twat
#twat #shite #shit #redshite #gobshite #gorp #knobrot
by Brianph September 15, 2006
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