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Used when describing a very considerate, handsome man.
That guy over there is so Daren, don't you think?
by Beth April 19, 2005
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Daren is a fat ass with pussy dicks all over his dick (Meaning he doesn't have a dick). He is mostly considered a girl because of how much of a retard he is. He is the first species of chipmunk-human known to us. His best friend is hell and he likes sucking your ass for money. He is also know to have saggy tits for his diabetes. And is the first chipmunk to be allergic to nuts. Weighs up to 900 pounds making him the fattest "THING" of its time.
Daren is a dick Saggy tits!!!
by Timytats49 September 11, 2016
similar to the legendary chupacabbra otherwise known as "goat sucker". But it can also refer to an old wrinkled dairy farmer lonley for loving who milks cows by hand in his past time. A daren can also be a person who will do anything if dared hence the name "darable daren". Even simple references to the word dare such as "double dog dare" or "i feel like its dare time" will provoke daren to commence in any command you give him. ANd i mean ANYTHING! (just a warning) avoid any truth or dare game contact as will always result in dare. One last thing is almost all daren's with age will eventually have a condition called frog's butt in which case he will look like a frog wearing pants.
"i am chuppacabbra!!! ...iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeh"

"i dare you to wear high heels and participate in geriactic porn daren"


"it"s not gay its about trust!"
by lassieloowho November 18, 2011
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