knowing is a movie that came out in 2009.
Although is starts out as your tipical supernatural horror film in the end it is all very scientific and entirely explainable. Nicolas Cage plays the main character. The interesting thing about the movie is that in the end the religous do good family is completley insinerated along with the rest of the Earth in a large solar flare. The movie explains the bible away as merely aliens landing on earth. And according to the movie aliens first planted adam and eve on earth. This movie can be used to argue points for religion and athiesm.

This is also one of the only movies around that show the complete destruction of New York City in high def-very cool.
Knowing is a mind blowing movie.
by xiophillio April 12, 2009
Top Definition
A synonym for the reply "of course" that was used by an old friend from Rahway, NJ.
Billy: "That house needs a lot of repair work". Charlie: "Knowing".
by Dan Drzewiecki November 04, 2003
The most amazing religious movie ever. Often referred to by ignorant people as having to do with aliens. In reality if people would actually read the bible and notice the wings on their "aliens" maybe they would grow a brain and discover that it is the book of Revelation in a motion picture.
Can you believe what those idiots thought of Knowing?
by peaceloveandfriendship June 08, 2009
A horrible movie that you actually have to pay attention to to get the meaning. and the acting is horrendous. and the plot. and the ending. and your mom. aliens and religious shit. big whoop
Knowing is perhaps the worst movie of the year
by meeeesssssss August 30, 2009
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