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Term which is used usually in warez scene. When group or individual makes a release he puts it on FTP site in PRE directory and sends command
site pre My.Cool.Release.v1.0-iND
After that release is marked as 'pred' and its available for transfer between scene sites.
Also release name and section gets recorded in predb (pre database) for future reference.
pre TV Seinfeld S08E19 FRENCH DVDRiP XViD CiRCUS
by Scenedude June 04, 2007
pre-cum; genital leaking that occurs during foreplay
I hate dry-humping my chica 'cause my chones get all full o' pre.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 20, 2002
Pronounced "Preez"

Similar to primer; The consumption of alcoholic drinks at a designated house/flat/park before heading out to a pub or club so as to achieve a low/mild level of drunkeness to save money for when you get there. But the Australian colloquial version.
Simon: We are going clubbing tonight?
Steve: Yeah man, we can have Pre's at mine
Simon: Sweet, ill tell Will
by Stevoo May 12, 2006
A beautiful and creative girl. Is shy and quiet then grows on you and becomes an amazing and crazy girl. One of the nicest girls but can turn rude real quick if needed
Look at that pres over there
by Shownothing May 19, 2015
The name applied to women of extreme attractiveness. A woman so hot she would surely cause you to have a premature ejaculation.
Beavis: Dude, look at the pre over there.
Butt-Head: The one in the pink or black?
Beavis: Suzie D-Cup in the tiny black skirt, Dude!
Butt-Head: I bet I couldn't last 2 minutes with her, Man.
Beavis: Dont worry Bro, John Holmes couldn't even last 2 minutes with her.
by PAX PER January 24, 2012
A Swedish slang for the tobacco product Snus.
Presar du?
Are you snusing?
by jockejooc January 29, 2011
Shortened term for president.
George Bush becomes a grumpy little pres if he can't have his Superfudge.
by Jeremy T. from Munford October 12, 2006
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