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Saphira is one of the main characters in the Eragon series written by christopher paolini. Saphira is a blue dragon, with shimmering gem like scales and like all dragons in the series the ability to weild mighty magics. Saphira has the ability to breath fire (like all dragons in the series), but she also has access to vast reserves of magical energy Eragon can draw on in times of crisis. Although Saphira can't control her magic besides her fire breath she does on occation perform great feats of magick instinctivly.

With an electric personality she is a noble being not mearly a dumb animal. She continuasly surrprises those she meets with her intellagence and intuition.

Saphira is by far my favorite dragon i've read about.

Wow i wish i was a dragon rider, and that saphira was my dragon.
by Xiophillio April 12, 2009
A walled fortified area of Moscow, in russia. The Kremlin has traditionaly held the bulk of the russian governmant in addition to administrative buildings it also contains many beutiful churches and has been home to the russian tzars, stalin, and more recently Vladimir Putin.

The Kremlin is not one single buildings it is a complex of buildings.
The Kremlin is a symbol of times gone by when kings ruled and Russia was a world power.
by Xiophillio April 12, 2009
A MMORPG (massivley multiplayer online role-playing game). In this game there is not set classes that you must pick from. If you want to be a mage put on some mage robes if you want to be a warrior grab a sword. There is no age limit for this game. Since all prophanity is blocked on the website and it's constantly being updated(not to mention its free) it is an exellent game for all ages. With over twenty easy to learn but hard to master skills it is an exellent way to use up time, all you need is an internet connection.
I have a runescape.com account add vincrie to your friends list, maybe i'll be on.

runescape is one sweet MMORPG.
by Xiophillio April 12, 2009
A brand of gell deoderant.
that mitchum smells fairly good.
by Xiophillio April 14, 2009
Arrogantly, domineering, or overbearing

If someone asks you to do something imperiosly there will be consequences for not doing it.
Man with gun: "give me the money!" the man said imperiously

Random person: "Ok, Ok don't shoot!"
by Xiophillio April 13, 2009
A type of apple. It is a combination of the classic green and red apple. It has a milder, sweeter, crisper flavor, and they tend to stay fresh longer.
Mmm, i love pink lady apples
by Xiophillio April 14, 2009
A wheel on an older chair that won't stop falling off, resulting in the chair constantly tipping over and causing mayham.
Stupid Wheel, nearly killed me!
by Xiophillio April 13, 2009

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