1) A manservant
2) A n00b
1) Tell my knave to bring me a cigar.
2) Dude I pwned that knave in CounterStrike last night.
by The Evil Octopus Man January 26, 2005
Top Definition
An unprincipled, crafty fellow.
He's but Fortune's knave, A minister of her will.
by Jaeba April 17, 2003
n : a tricky man
The honest merchant may sleep better at night, but the knave makes more money.
by Joe aka Codes August 19, 2003
1: a pimp..
2: a god..
3. a nobody..
Vinh is the knave!
Knave regulates Battlefury.
by Vinh February 13, 2005
a random name to call someone who acts like a n00b
OMG wtf? a knave si yuo!
by SHHPF February 06, 2003
To be used only in conjunction with "Fucking".
Dude, you are a fucking knave.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
The name of someone who fucks their female cousins dog.
guy: hey bitch im sleeping with your sister
girl: UH! which one??
guy: all of them!
girl: UH! you bitch. well im sleeping with your dad.
guy: well im sleeping with scruffy too!
girl: you fucking knave! well im sleeping with your bird.
by YO MY HO February 27, 2003
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