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A person who is felt to be deficient in judgment, good sense, or intelligence; a fool.
Go to school, you freewheeling simpleton!
by Jaeba April 17, 2003
A person who makes elaborate, fraudulent, and often voluble claims to skill or knowledge; a quack or fraud.
Go away, you overrated charlatan!
by Jaeba April 17, 2003
An unprincipled, crafty fellow.
He's but Fortune's knave, A minister of her will.
by Jaeba April 17, 2003
Strongly attracted or disposed to love, especially sexual love.
He had been amorous of her since the day they met.
by Jaeba April 17, 2003
A plural of phallus
She had seen a wide array of phalli in her lifetime.
by Jaeba April 17, 2003
1. An attendant or servant.
2. A knight's page.
3. A rascal; a knave.
What a brazen-faced varlet art thou !
by Jaeba April 17, 2003
To attack, damage, or destroy by or as if by blows.
And then Trogdor s'mote the kerrek, and all was laid to burnination.
by Jaeba April 17, 2003

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