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A fuckadeered organization that encourages suicide bombings of civilians. A funny fact: Not one senior Hamas oficial has ever done a suicide bombing, and not one of their family members has ever done it either. I guess only the palestinian peasants are dumb enought to do it.
Dude, look at me, I'm sumfuck that is going to blow myself to bits on account of Hamas told me so. I'm expecting to get 27 virgins after I turn myself into a grease spot in some shit row neighborhood, but I will really only get 27 versions of eternal stupidity.
by Jaggo March 23, 2004
A channel that purports to support black culture, all the while instilling the idiotic ideas that plague black culture like cancer.
Dude, after watching BET, I realized that I never have to get a real job because America is racist. It's much easier to just collect unemployment and stare at my "Free Mumia" poster because something bad happened to my ancestors somewhere, sometime.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
A term corrupted by the political agenda of parties wishing to garner large quantitites of votes easily.
Democrat: Dude, if we pretend that we really care about mexicans and call them immigrants, they'll all vote for us and we can keep having slave labor from those brown bastards!

Republican:Okay, but we also have to pretend like there is a difference between the two parties.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
a queer so flamboyant as to be extra gay.
Your dad is a gay fag, hence the fact that you are half gay.
by Jaggo March 20, 2004
To get royally shitfaced or shitHOUSED.
If we get Becky housed, she'll flail her tits about the room at a ferocious pace.
by Jaggo March 20, 2004
A phrase corrupted by racist shitheaps to mean exactly the opposite of what it says.
Dumfuck1: Dude, lets get benefits based soley on our skin color and call it equal rights!

Dumfuck2: Hell yeah! That's way easier than actually taking responsibility for ourselves!
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
exclamation, Used after something's gone extremely shitto.
Jesus Christ in crotchless panties that fucking hurt! I just sat on a red hot fire poker and slid all the way down!
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
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