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A "to go" alcoholic beverage, usually poured into a plastic cup for disguise.
I don't want to waste this beer but I need to get home. I better take a traveler!
by happy_traveler February 11, 2005
49 25
The Irish-American version of British/Irish gypsies known as tinkers or pikeys.
travelers are low class irish con artists
by max hardcore January 17, 2005
55 38
A rather stinky shit that not only dominates the bathroom of its odor but also moves into the hallway and other rooms.
Who took that shit? That was a nasty traveler.

I had a traveler the other day that made people cry in fear all the way down the hall.
by Seotrapping April 05, 2010
16 12
Sexual arousal achieved simply through being driven around in the passenger seat of a vehicle.
That road trip was really "exciting"; I got a traveler every other day!
by The Grammar Nazi November 26, 2003
30 33
one that can reach in to the high spirit worlds
to the soul realm and higer
by MTC June 10, 2005
15 29