Toilet paper stuck to the pubic/anal hair
Dude, I'm done. You are never setting me up on a blind date again!! Thought you had made up for all those ugly girls! Then.... I had a close encounter with a Klingon while going down on Amber! Yuck!!!
by Bombay_Bomber September 25, 2011
A sex toy made out of glass that goes up your vag and butt at the same time. It can be heated or you can stick it in the fridge for a bit if you like it cold. If it ever breaks, you can imagine it would be no longer useful, due to sharp edges.
Forget dildos, use klingons instead.
by omgzitsangel July 17, 2008
if you gots a hairy asshole when you wipe it after a nice big greasy shit there is some shit left behind clinging to the hair hence the name klingons
fuck i gots ta wash my ass i gots like 3 days worth of klingons circling my brownstar
by big_smoke October 07, 2005
...A language full of pwnage that the trekkies are very fond of. I myself am a trekkie. (therefore i pwn j00.)
When you come across a trekkie, interrupt their starbabble immediately with, "Hab SoSlI' Quch!"

Or be cool like me and costantly shout out,"nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e'!?" at random.
by wysiwyg January 08, 2004
1. Violent aliens from the various Star Trek TV shows.
2. Nerds who think they are violent aliens.
3. Poo stuck to your ass hair; dingleberries.
Q: how is the starship Enterprise like a piece of toilet paper?
A: they both circle Uranus looking for Klingons.
by Dr. Literate August 06, 2006
A child who clings to the parent when dropped off at the childcare center.
Mrs. Harried had trouble again disentangling herself from her howling Klingon Wilberforce.
by tbbrick December 12, 2005
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