Shit that just wont wipe away.
My ass is full of Klingons
by Minges and all! April 15, 2003
shit stuck fast to the hairs on your arse
Honey, if your going down there watch out for the kling-ons
by speedmonkey October 10, 2003
A girl who doesn't know when its over.
I told that Biaitch that it was over but she's a kling-on
by Will Shaw April 17, 2003
small poo nuggets that get stuck to the hair of the anus!
What has the starship enterprise and loo roll got in common?
They both fly around uranus searching for kling-ons!
by ToM August 02, 2003
A guy or girl that expresses too much interest in wanting to date and or get with you. This usually occurs when a general friendship is formed but the individual does not understand the term "just friends" . A clingy individual.
I hung out with this guy from work one time, now he is blowing up my phone and being a major klingon.
by Vanity Valentine July 05, 2011
Person or persons who only hang with you for what benefits it provides them. Booze, drugs, connections etc.
"Dude, you cannot possibly be shocked to learn that she's a Klingon!"
by TruthseekerNJ January 31, 2009
A tiny piece of shit (Also referred to as a dingleberry) that hangs from your butt hair that is hard to get out.
You need TP to get the klingons out of uranus
by James Lowe December 17, 2004

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