A cute, pink puff ball with a big appetite. He is Dreamland's greatest warrior and adventurer. Kirby's earliest adventures often ended with a battle against a giant blue penguin over a stash of Dreamland's food.
Is that Kirby? He is so cute!
by Shikaka November 06, 2014
Kirby refers to someone who has an abnormally curvy penis.
Leah told me that Miles has a pretty bad Kirby.
by FlottyYomama May 23, 2016
Someone who is Problematic, annoying, and clingy.
Boy: ugh! Shes so Kirby

Girl: right? She can never let things go?

Boy: true.... Since I broke up with her! Yet she's still talking to my friends about how i dump her!!
by Kevinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn December 27, 2015
A kirby is a sexy australian man who travels on planes trains and busses across America to meet his tinder matches. Activities of interest include pushing pale gingers against walls and kissing them, eating large quantities of roast beef sandwiches, and being cool as. Beware of kirbys, you will fall in love in 7 days or less.
Pale ginger: "Kirby just pushed me into the ocean after throwing mud at me, I think i love him"
Kirby "you're creepy so I love you too"
by kirbyssoulmate October 27, 2014
He's hot but a douche. The biggest jerk you will ever meet. he's the kind of guy to kiss a girl and get her hopes up then say he just wants to be friends. Also he thinks he's hilarious and a genius. He has the potential to be a good guy.
1. Two girls are talking

Girl 1: So what do you think of my new boyfriend?
Girl 2: I got to be honest he's a Kirby

2. Don't be a Kirby
by sillyshortie January 01, 2012
Verb - To challenge an opponent to a more serious, higher-skilled game when losing a casual one; to strengthen rules in order to overtake a less-abled opponent. Not to be confused with TomCavanaughing, or "taking a casual game way too seriously."
"It was a great pickup game until Joe decided to kirby it up and started complaining about traveling and bumping."
by papabearoreilly April 20, 2010
A seriously fucking annoying teenage girl ages 12-16. Kirby's can usually be spotted in skin tight, ass-revealing yoga pants, and shirts that use the exact same amount of material as a bra. A Kirby's natural habitat is in the middle of a circle of horny guys in tank tops. Kirby's usually like to spend their days hugging every guy they see, uploading photos of them with obvious cleavage, and stealing the boyfriends of her best friends. Kirby's should be swiftly avoided by all of man-kind.
Kirby: OMG, Josh, come get tickets with me! LOL

*proceeds to take duckface pic on instagram*
by Kiki O'Connell June 28, 2012
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