A name given to hot, sexy, and beautiful girls. Full of personality and adventure, fantastic kissers and wild in bed.
#1 Kirbys the hottest chick.

#2 The ultimate girlfriend would be Kirby.
by dreamofme February 16, 2010
The only video game character that we can be 100% certain was inspired by drugs. He is a little pink puff ball that flies around killing shit, what other explaination is there?
Man, I smoke like 5 joints of weed, and then played Kirby. It all makes sense now.
by Troll #1 March 26, 2010
A really fun, nice person. Kirby is really pretty and always has time for her friends! She loves talking and writing.
Wow, I wish I knew a kirby!
by _tell_me_why_ October 11, 2010
A girl who all guys want, is nice to everyone and is very pretty. She looks pretty in everything she wears. She is not pink, flubbery, and a ball. I am jealous of Kirby. She is hot. She has a butt, unlike her friends. That is a big reason her friends envy her, and because she is over all amazing. You should Love Kirby's.
1) Wow, look at that Kirby over there.
2) I wish I knew Kirby.

3) Kirby is my best friend.
by yo numero uno February 21, 2012
Slang word for boobs because he is soft and pillowy like them.
I asked my gf if I could touch her kirbies and she said yes
by zeldafan678 December 29, 2009
A nasty perverted gay ass guy. He is such a player! Kirby's tend to have blonde hair and are fat
1" Ewww, did u look at him? He must be a Kirby!"
by i'm_a_boss_a$$_bitch May 01, 2014
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