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A little fat-ass puffball thing that constantly eats food. And floats around like some gay fairy.
Wow dude that guy was a total kirby

by david1 July 20, 2007
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A pink ball with arms which sucks and blows. Stars in his own video games made by Nintedo.
X:Did you get the new Kirby game?
Y:No I heard it sucked
by Darth Revan May 21, 2005
1. A famous video game, usually played by people with no lives.

2. A man (or woman's) name, sometimes spelled "Curby" or "Cirby".
1. (Guy) Dude, Kirby is so awesome, I totally played that game all night! It was epic!!

(Girl) Nobody cares...

2. My mom's name is Kirby, and she's the most amazing person I will ever meet.
by kirbysdaughter November 22, 2009
A deceitfully cute Nintendo character who sucks in enemies and swallows them to gain abilities. Despite his cute and cuddly exterior, his games are usually challenging.
If man achieves anything as good as Kirby Superstar, we will have to destroy ourselves to prevent any dissapointments.
by theMuffinman November 26, 2005
The god standard for men. Often used to compare other men to. Is said to exist only in the lust-filled imagination of women everywhere.
A kirby is a master of the sexual arts and is an amazing lover. Often citing his 36 orgasm minimum rule, the women who are lucky enough to be with a kirby are always allowed to miss work for a few days of bed-rest from sheer exhaustion.
It is said that a kirby can also make a woman orgasm by merely thinking about her. This is true of course, but he rarely ever does this since the orgasm is often so violent as to cause what people today call 'earthquakes'.
His sense of humor is incredible. In fact instead of breaking up with a woman and condemning her to a hellish life without him, a kirby will often make her orgasm while making her laugh. This combination is very lethal. It makes him sad to see her go, but at least she died happy (and satisfied).
A kirby's intelligence knows no bounds. He knows pretty much everything, and if he doesn't know something he makes it up, but he knows how to bend space and time to make that which he made up true.
My friend Sara went out with a kirby last year, she missed alot of work, something about bed rest. It was sad when she passed away, but at least she died happy (and satisfied).
by All Women January 05, 2007
1. a pink, ballooned shaped video game character who features the ability to suck up enemies. Kirby is owned by Nintendo and has been in more than 15 video games (even more if you count his Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee appearances).

2. because of a similar color, the name kirby is used to describe a women's clitoris.

3. (less commonly used) a Kirby is the name for a massage that ends with a happy ending.
1. Tom: Did you buy the new kirby game?
Steve: Those games are for kids, besides all Kirby does is suck (laughs).

2. Mike: So what happened after the party with you and Cindy?
John: Let's just say I got close but I never saw a "Kirby".

3. Jim: After the massage, I slipped her $1000 dollars in chinese money, and she gave me hand.
Sam: Damn I wish I had gotten a "Kirby".
by griffon_47 November 01, 2005
An absolutely adorable pink marshmellow that can swallow his enemies whole and use their powers against them. Not native to the planet Pop Star, but now happily rests there in Dreamland, the only land on Pop Star whose geography is actually known of. Constantly saving Dreamland and beating up the fat stupid "evil" selfish King DeDeDe who gives everyone a good laugh. His "rival" is the mysterious Meta Knight. His favorite food are tomatos, and he doesn't have very many tatse buds...He likes to eat, sleep and sing (even though he's tone deaf). Though he's very small, young (5 years or younger), and absolutely adorable in the face, he kicks butt. He's the living proof that adorable can also be badass!
by pichachusan360 October 12, 2010
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