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a really fat person who looks nasty and oily
cee bee is such a tub of lard
by cee gee October 13, 2004
A hugely obese person, usually very greasy and not at all psychically fit.
"He's a fat tub of lard."
by Bowman June 16, 2002
A person who is so fat and/or disgusting that the very sight of them invokes images of a giant vat filled with congealed animal fat.
Kate is so f-ing disgusting. What the he@l does that tub of lard think she is doing. She is not hot enough to get away with saying that.
by Chad October 02, 2003
or tub of guts

a very fat person(crude, cruel, and also a rude term of adress)
That tub of lard, who came out of popey's Chicken, fell on my arm.
by Light Joker December 04, 2004
Knee-jerk reaction from the right-wing in response to any topic put forth by filmmaker Michael Moore.

Used to defer the topic of conversation from that which may cause embarassment to their person or affect their stock prices negatively.
Person A: "Have you heard about the new Michael Moore book/film?"

Person B: "That Michael Moore sure is a tub of lard, huh?"
by Hassenpfeffer May 07, 2004
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