Slang. An occurrence or statement that results in extreme displeasure; derived from the pain a male mammal endures after being struck in the gonads.
"Did you hear about what happened to Steve? That must have been a kick in the nuts."
by Reaper July 06, 2004
somebody kickin you in the nads
owww! wtf!
by give me bj March 12, 2003
Its the best way for a girl to overpower a man.She can knee,kick ,squizee mans nuts.Men fell o lot of pain when are kicked in the nuts.They fall down and cry. Girl kick men balls for fun and for self-defense.For us girls is so easy to bust boy's balls.
My neighbor touch my breast so I kick in the nuts.He fall down and begging for mercy.For ten minutes he coudn't raise up.All day he was felling a stomacache pain.So girls kick boys in their nuts.They are so weak.
by Andrea diabolik May 01, 2008
justification for knocking a bitch down
haha that julie bitch was bragging about kicking some one in the nuts till his busted her lip haha now that funny
by Ollie March 01, 2005
What we girls do to guys: 1in an emergency, 2to teach a lesson,3 to make his voice sound higher or 4 for fun Ha Ha
To escape his grasp she gave him a sharp kick in the nuts.
Are you going to remove your hand from my breast or must I give you a swift kick in the nuts.
Did you hear how high his voice was after she gave him that kick in the nuts.
Guys eyes always look so funny after a good surprise kick in the nuts...Ha Ha
by Julie S July 30, 2004
What happens when you have to work down in Pueblo, CO for any length of time.
We went down to pueblo to get a bunch of shit done and instead we got a serious kick in the nuts.
by Savg January 11, 2005
Pain city, major league pain.
Don't make me mad, or I will do a field goal attempt on your ass. Okay?
by Saints October 30, 2003
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