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Involves placing the testicles onto a partner's eyes and the shaft of an erection along the nose, simulating a Roman War Helmet.
Caeser absolutely loved to recieve Roman War helmets from Marcus Aureleous...
by DJHeadUp January 30, 2003
also known as "drop a duece,"
It refers to taking "A number 2" (deuce)
If you don't understnad yet, it means to take a shit.
"I'm loose in the caboose and i gotta drop a deuce"
by DJHeadUp January 29, 2003
its actually badonkadonk
it means a BIG ass
"GIIIIIIIIRL you got a badonkadonk, dont hurt nobodyyyyyyyyyy"
~Philly 103.9 "Bangin' Hip-Hop & R&B"
by DJHeadUp January 29, 2003
When a person is sleeping, 5 or more guys bust a nut into the sleeping person's eyes, causing them to be glued shut when they wake up.
We gave Ms. Naples a schloof surprise that night.
by DJHeadUp January 30, 2003
to fire a weapon, more specifically a firearm.
You say you a gangtsa, but you never pop nothin, we say you a wanksta and you need to stop frontin'
by DJHeadUp January 29, 2003
1. people who enjoy placing fried tortilla chips in thier vaginas
2. One of those ugly ass bitches you just wanna smack across her pimply face.
3. The new snackfood from Frito-Lay
1. The nachocunt club meeting after school has been cancelled due to the weather...
2. Claire the Nachocunt- "Hey! Stop cheating off my test! Ms. Naples, he's cheating off of me!"
Me- "Holy shit, youre such a nachocunt"
3. New from the makers of Doritos, delicious Nachocunts! Try cool ranch Nachocunts or spicy salsa. (Made from 50% nachos and 50% stinky cunt.

By the way, this might just bee the longest defintion in all history...
by DJHeadUp January 30, 2003
Finding out a few hours before you go out to fuck this girl that she's back with her old boyfriend.
That is just fucked up...
by DJHeadUp June 09, 2003

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