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cocaine. aka the white lady, yiggity, yoda, etc.
We spent the weekend hanging out with keith richards' ghost.
by ollie October 24, 2004
someone you love or are infactuated with who does not feel the same way back.
james is my unrequited, he doesn't love me back.
by ollie March 03, 2004
The most feared and violent unit in the British Army
Para short for Paratrooper
by Ollie January 02, 2004
a man with a head in the shape of a penis.
nicholas young is a nobed, his mother is a rasterfarian.
by Ollie February 04, 2005
often used by the army. meaning spare.
got any buckshee rounds
by ollie January 30, 2005
To be 'slammed', 'bammed', 'owned' by another person via wit.
"You have sex with men."
"I'd hardly classify your Mother as a 'man' by any stretch of the imagination."
"Woah man, you just got DUNKED."
by Ollie August 24, 2003
To be anally aroused by wheatabix
"What did you have for breakfast Ollie?"
"I had wheatabix!"
"Who else here likes wheatabix?"
"Well Teb sure does love to get bixed"
by Ollie December 29, 2004
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