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A verbal command to tell someone or somebody to get out of your way, or move.
"Raise up dude!" or "Fool, I said raise up!"
by Tom January 13, 2005
a command to get off, or back off of one's property or personal space.
Yo, raise up offa me, biatch!
by letgo April 23, 2003
verbal signal that indicates heavy police presents, and is used to warn drug dealers that the 50 is on their ass.
Yo! kid, raise up, just saw 50 bending that corner
by Steve June 21, 2003
to leave (like a helly-chopper)
Yo, dogg I'ma raise up now and crash at my crib
by Ryan "Homie G" October 05, 2003
to steal an individual rims or wheels.
John: damn look at those BMW rims
Brandon: you know what that means.
John:Raise up!
by Felipe Gonzales May 25, 2008
taking your shirt off and twistin round your hand like a helicopter
dude, just watch tha video on launch
by Nathan September 18, 2004
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