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When someone uses a swift movement of their foot to pulverize another persons testicles. this will usually immobilise the kickee.
If you don't shut up you are goning to get a kick in the nuts.
by Brett May 06, 2003
What a girl has to do when a guy acts like a jerk. Funny, but I've found that knees work much much better.
You give him a good kick in the nuts when a guy doesn't know what "No" means. I would just slam my knee as hard as I can into the groin and continue lifting up after contact adding a nice little nut crush after impact : ). Now thats a good "Kick in the nuts".
by Green Eyed Susan September 29, 2006
A form of sexual assault.
She tried to kick me in the nuts for no reason so i kicked her in her vagina, then she cried, then I laughed.
by X December 16, 2003
What we girls do to guys: 1in an emergency, 2to teach a lesson,3 to make his voice sound higher or 4 for fun Ha Ha
To escape his grasp she gave him a sharp kick in the nuts.
Are you going to remove your hand from my breast or must I give you a swift kick in the nuts.
Did you hear how high his voice was after she gave him that kick in the nuts.
Guys eyes always look so funny after a good surprise kick in the nuts...Ha Ha
by Julie S July 30, 2004
an assault against the male genitalia that women usually uses to defend themselves against rapist, sex offenders, or to take an ex boyfriend down. It usually wounds they opponent for a good 30 minutes if you get it right. The opponent can act quick right after though so be aware the adrenaline usually works for 5 seconds then they'll have to sit down to take deep breathes.
Kick In The nuts OWW!!!
by Phizzzzy April 20, 2010
The perfect reason to hit a girl.
you recive the kick in the nuts and you would first say OWWWWW, then kick her in the ovaries.
by Taylor Schroeder September 17, 2006
A kicking of the nuts(nads,balls,testicals ).
To ever recive a kick in the nuts will cause much pain.
by Sore Nuts October 27, 2003