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Extremely kind, caring, loving man. Absolutley the sexiest thing that walks this planet! Sometimes can at first appear to be a little shy, although after sctratching at the surface you'l soon realise he doesn't shut up! If you encounter a kevin, grab with both hands and don't let go!!!!! a Kevin is without a doubt the best boyfriend/dad ect.. youl ever find. The only down side to a kevin is they usualy have an extemely ugly phycotic ex girlfriend, who when you see her, makes yo want to burn your eyes out. but the positives by far out weigh that one thing.
Bella: WOW! look at him Donna!!

Donna: Mmm.. Hes a right Kevin!

Bella: For sure, hes well buff..
by TrueLOVE..K&D.4ever.and.always February 04, 2010
A guy who is funny, smart, and great with the ladies. He is one of the coolest people you will ever know in your whole lifetime. He is also a sex god, and he has a huge penis. All the girls want his cock. He is basically the equivalent to Chuck Norris, except in mortal form.
That guy is really cool and sexy! What a Kevin!
by kevando June 20, 2009
Kevin Kevin is probably the greatest guy you can find in the whole world. He's caring, charming and he's always there for the peple that may need him. He's the type of guy that can make a heart beat faster in no time, that can cast a spell on you by the look in his lovely eyes.His smile is enough to make you believe you're talking to an angel, it makes you think you're in heaven. His smell is really magical, he can take every issue you may think of, away.It's the kind of guy every girl dreams of: attractive and caring, sweet and true; the kind of guy that's really hard to find.He's the prince on a horse, every girl deserve's to have a Kevin in her life! I'm so proud to have Kevin as my boyI'm glad that you're in my life, Kevin, i really am
I'm glad to be yours, Kevin
by sdfqsmdjfsdfq February 18, 2010
a hot, goofy, funny, sexy guy who has amazing singing powers. also likes to feel my leg. yeah, it's kevin from NLT.
kevin is a beast.
by KEVINLOVE. August 09, 2008
A guy who likes macs and hates pc. he has a really long and hard dick. he is the best with mac .all the sexy girls want him. and he will pwn at call of duty
kevin is awsome
by wallastick March 02, 2011
Kevin is a person with an ego the size of the sun and is quite roud of that fact, generally bad at spelling, punctuation and grammar, but trys hard to make up for that fact, Kevins will put others before themself or should not be considered a Kevin, the are very shy but once you get to know them they are amazing at philosophy, and confusing the hell out of people, they never lose an argument, and have awesome hair, beware though, although they put themselves before others, they may have an agenda which differs from what it seems, they are fantastic liers and have no problem flaunting anything whih people dare t chalenge, it would be wise not to chalenge them to do anything as A) they will succeed, and B) they have no shame, they generally smell great and are extremely pretty, some are as pretty as the prettiest girl in school, they can be extremely feminine when the choose to but don't be fooled by that it's just how they like to dress they are actually quite beastly, like a mixture between a lumber jack and a grizzly bear... only a little less hairy.
Kevin is the awesomest thing that ever walked this planet or any other planet in any galaxy or any dimension.
by Snr. Staples July 26, 2010
The sweetest person you will ever meet! One who thinks of themself after others. A heart of gold. Will be sadly missed everyday. One who was taken before we were ready.
by mel-issa-b-z February 02, 2010