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An animal pornographer who also happens to be gay and into bestiality.
Did you see that Kevin? He's like the Hugh Hefner of bestiality.
by VirtualRealityBestialityKevin August 27, 2010
A BIG NERD who is over sensitive, who hates cars and yaoi. You can find him walking through the school hallways talking to his rubix cube.
One day, Kevin, who hates cars with a burning passion, was riding in his horse-drawn carriage. The horses refused to listen to him, so he started crying. He then pulled out his Rubix cube and threw it at his horses. Then, he pulled out his Calculus book to make himself feel better. It didn't work. He was still crying.
by elberson September 25, 2010
One known as the absolute best person ever in the world. There are not enough words to describe him. He's simply amazing, no matter what he says. He's the best! Usually always smells amazing. Cute, funny, and amazing.
Makes people extremely happy. Also gives off a chemical to make people very tired.

Mmmm, Kevin is indescribable, no one could measure up to him.
by Alyssa77 January 08, 2009
The coolest guy to ever be in high school.
Hey look! It's Kevin!

by bearpigman June 06, 2010
A group of guys watching the Superbowl.
walk in to a room a see a group of 20 guys watching the Superbowl "Sup Kevin."
by Whale McFishface December 19, 2008
Sexually obsessed with any part of a girl.. anything that a normal person would find disgusting and unattractive, he finds irresistable.
For example, Kevin likes to do this this that I like to call, "Checking my diaper". It doesn't matter where we are or who we're with, he comes up behind me and pulls on my pants and looks down them as if I'm some baby. And he thinks it's "hot". Definitely not.
by Victim Of The Diaper Checker June 29, 2011
An asian form of an American that has a great sense of humor, a funny laugh, and a large, fat, long, hard, and hairy cheese stick.
I hope my son becomes a Kevin when he's all grown up.
by JololoC April 10, 2010