a guy who likes to make white girls uncomfortable. will typically say things like "once you go black, you'll never go back..haha."
Kevin: Hey Elina, do you think it's true?

Elina: what?

kevin: that once you go black, you never go back?

Elina: um i dont know...
#kevin #black #dude #cornell #medical
by Frank Jabroni Munster October 15, 2011
a huge douche. if u meet a kevin, stab him hes a fag. loves to suck lots of dick and loves cum on his face. there isnt one kevin in the world who isnt a total queer. pretty much every 1 of em is fucked up, but they cant fight so if one messes with u, jst fuck him up
eww its kevin what a homo
#homo #cocksucker #dicklover #menlicker #cumswallower
by A total badass October 13, 2011
UK West-country slang term referring to a short, bald, fat person with poor personal hygiene habits, and a preference for deviant sexual fetishes.
Lucy looked briefly on an alternative dating site at his image, but decided that he must be a bit of a Kevin.
#fetishist of #reverse alaskan pipeline #gunt #gunt butter #baldy #spalding .
by TrotskyAvenger August 03, 2011
A slang word of Australian origin referencing a type of person similar to a bogan
Used usually when refering to an ignorant person, or dickhead sometimes messily dressed or inebriated.

Its origin is bases on the bogan name-choice mythology wich states they are all called Kevin, Sharon/Shazza, Peter, Macca, Pig-pen,Sharleen/Sharlz, Clarky or somesuch.

The Kevin is smiliar to both the bogan and redneck but is not constricted by social class/status or subculture.
"What a Kevin!" says Hortens
"Yeah..." says Louanne "...Kevins ruin it for everybody!"
by Ben C L May 31, 2005
a guy who has an amazing smile with the most adorable laugh. usually very handsome and has a great style. kevin usually has good hair days everyday even when he doesn't try. He can always make you laugh and he's always willing to listen. a kevin is always fun to hang around with. He has a problem in believing that he is worth something, and he tends to hold onto the past. but through his imperfections, he is an absolutely amazing friend to have by your side. oh and he also gives amazing hugs.
Wow.. I can't believe I have a friend like Kevin. He's so cute!
#loveable #caring #kind #cute #fun #adorable #amazing
by lalalalalala25 April 08, 2011
Another name for the dissociative anaesthetic Ketamine, More commonly used when buying k recreationaly
have you seen Kevin today?
#ketamine #k #ket #special k #k-hole
by *B* June 11, 2007
1. extremely good at avoiding sexual intercourse with human kind.

2. (Verb): homosexual alien being trying to blend in with humans.
Kevin on the prowl, all animals beware.
#mother fucker #jack ass #retard #alien #chewbacca
by Creativity Error October 18, 2011
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