A guy who likes macs and hates pc. he has a really long and hard dick. he is the best with mac .all the sexy girls want him. and he will pwn at call of duty
kevin is awsome
by wallastick March 02, 2011
Kevin is a person with an ego the size of the sun and is quite roud of that fact, generally bad at spelling, punctuation and grammar, but trys hard to make up for that fact, Kevins will put others before themself or should not be considered a Kevin, the are very shy but once you get to know them they are amazing at philosophy, and confusing the hell out of people, they never lose an argument, and have awesome hair, beware though, although they put themselves before others, they may have an agenda which differs from what it seems, they are fantastic liers and have no problem flaunting anything whih people dare t chalenge, it would be wise not to chalenge them to do anything as A) they will succeed, and B) they have no shame, they generally smell great and are extremely pretty, some are as pretty as the prettiest girl in school, they can be extremely feminine when the choose to but don't be fooled by that it's just how they like to dress they are actually quite beastly, like a mixture between a lumber jack and a grizzly bear... only a little less hairy.
Kevin is the awesomest thing that ever walked this planet or any other planet in any galaxy or any dimension.
by Snr. Staples July 26, 2010
The sweetest person you will ever meet! One who thinks of themself after others. A heart of gold. Will be sadly missed everyday. One who was taken before we were ready.
by mel-issa-b-z February 02, 2010
1. n. a person capable of incredible things, someone so indescribably awesome there's only one word to describe them.

2. v. the act of doing something so amazing, you make god himself weep with joy
Famous Kevins: Evel Knievel, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Jesus, Moses, Kevin Spacey.

(hot girls)
Boy, you so kevin last night, I'm gonna make you some waffles.
by hustlin963 February 17, 2009
a person who is mistaken for a mentally retarded person based on their looks and personality. no matter how much their girlfriend may brag, they do NOT have a large penis. also, may have a chipped tooth resembling that of a crackhead.
That guy just asked me if i had some money, he totally looks like a kevin.
by jeromethamack March 07, 2008
Has a comfiest lap in the world!
"I just love sitting on kevin"
by onlyinyourdreamslol February 26, 2009
an amazing guy who is just an overall sweatheart. he can cheer you up when your feeling sad. He raises your selfesteem every change he gets. He is a best friend anyone can have.
You are such a kevin, I love it.
by Kevin's best friend February 18, 2010

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