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The most amazing boy on the planet, whom has extensive knowledge of robots and computers.

2; A genius.
The other day, I talked to Kevin, and he enlightened me with his robotic-wisdom of doom.
by Sami. March 25, 2006
A kid who pops his pimples in the bathroom shooting the gooey contents of his infected pimple on the mirror and doesn't wipe it off. Likes leaving a nice splatter of pus, blood and dried sebum for everyone to see as a form of passive aggressive psychological warfare.
Kevin eats the bloody contents of his pimples and likes to leave popped pimple splatter on walls and mirrors. He's a faggot too.
by proactive pimple popper February 09, 2010
A guy whos kinda hard to understand. People judge him easily but hes the type who if you get to know, you'll easily love. He might be tan with brown hair and kinda tall. If you know a Kevin, you should talk to him.
Girl 1: Hey who's that?
Girl 2: That's kevin... hes a freak.
Girl 1: He seems pretty cool. I should get to know him.
by ladygaga4ev1249 January 06, 2010
Noun: A girl that looks like a boy
You think I should ask Becky to the dance?
No way dude she's a kevin.
by TekJanson July 01, 2009
The most legendary name in the word, usually a 14 year old crack feind but all the ladies crave his cock, hes one of the best graffiti artists in the world also
wow that kevin guy is awesome, did you see him just slash that WOER guy
by craaasha June 27, 2009
A childish boy who has no skill in anything especially with the ladies. A gay hooker who nobody wants to bang. A faggot! A boy with a baby dick. Will most likely become a 40 year old virgin. Has midgets living in his fat rolls. Is fatter than a whale. Sits at home and plays video games all day.
Look at that Kevin over there.
That Kevin looks roomy.
That Kevin just hit on me.
by masterDoubleD May 15, 2009
(adj.) self-centered, ass hole, bitch boy, douche bag, dick face, prick, pussy, wimp

(verb) to be an extreme ass hole and a terrible person.. to fuck with someone
"Thank god you didn't Kevin her.. she DOES have feelings you know?"

"Can you believe what a kevin that guy is?!"
by tullulah January 10, 2008