kevin is a guy that totally sucks massive dick at all sports and his head flops around like a fuckin retard when he runs. he consumes massive amounts of dollar general and pizza sticks giving him the power to perform ultra gay activities with his epileptic dog also he thinks he can fight but even his trans-sexual brother can beat him up.he tries to compare himself to his awesome friends like wyatt and mack who get more pussy than he could ever imagine,but he really just has a bowl cut and cries every time anyone calls him fat which is the truth because he is like 200 pounds over weight he is known to most people as a poor ass or a kev-jizz he likes to tell people he plays basket ball really good but he actually sucks dick really good just ask Sheldon his fagget accomplice in the gay arts also known to us total bad asses as a shell-douche and there was this kid named austan but we wont get into that ,lets just say he was an even bigger fag until kevins ass swollowed him. he is also know to like cereal boxes ALOTTTTT !!!!!!!!!
guy1: hey look at that poor ass

guy2:oh him thats kevin
by that guy over there April 30, 2012
Top Definition
basicilly a kid with a huge dick. looks great, smells great, and all the ladies want him. great at sports also. great sense of humor.
Gee i am so jealous of Kevin, with three girls around his arm.

How is kevin good looking and smart at the same time?.
by derbyacademygirl January 28, 2008
An amazing guy who is so funny, and wonderful. Someone who can brighten anyone's day no matter how sad they are. He's sweet, and handsome. He can be sarcastic but he gets it from me, well some of it. He gets scared of nonscary things, and he has an amazing sense of style with wicked hair to accompany it. His smile is adorable, and his laugh is too. He smells like heaven, even though I don't know the exact name of the cologne he uses. I can pretty much say that I'm in love with this guy, entirely. His name means more to me than it would to anyone else, and I'm pretty sure of that.
Wow, Kevin is such a great guy.
by -- who else ..? December 20, 2008
a male that performs great intercourse on a female
the other night my boyfriend performed "kevin" on me
by kkgg73 January 06, 2008
Anglicized form of the Irish name Caoimhín, derived from the older Irish Coemgen, composed of the Old Irish elements coem "kind, gentle, handsome" and gein "birth". Saint Caoimhin established a monastery in Ireland and is the patron saint of Dublin.
Kevin and I are going to the park.
by KMK88 April 28, 2006
someone who has probably porked your mom
Dude,that kevin is all over your mom
by jogabonito106 February 22, 2008
An acromym:
Killing Every Vagina In the Neighborhood

Simply put, anyone named Kevin loves to pound the poon.
Bob: Man, that chick next door is fucking hot!

Kevin: Ya, I hit that.

Bob: Really?

Kevin: Hells' ya! all the bitches love to get Kevin'd.
by Poopy McPoopwell September 20, 2011
A Portuguese slang for penis
"Woah thats a big kevin"
by O.o <<3 June 15, 2007

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