A guy whose name has nothing to do with penises
What is up with these penis definitions for kevin?
by JimmyDinh October 21, 2011
The definition of Kevin is basically a boy, whom is amazing. He knows exactly how to cheer someone up. How to make them giggle like a fool in public by saying cheesy things, that make you fall overly in love with him. Head over heels, that is. Probably more. He has the biggest ego, but knows how to love someone even more than he loves himself. He deserves the best, and nothing but that. And whether or not he's been hurt, he takes chances, and for that, he makes a girl the luckiest one in the world.
I'm pretty much in love with this boy, named Kevin.
by Jewel-e-yah. January 27, 2009
The most amazing guy ever. Someone who is funny and cute and has super cool flippy hair. He is also a professional when it comes to giving massages anywhere, especially on your head. He makes you smile all the time and knows the best ways to cheer you up. He listens to really good music and can play the drums, guitar, bass...and probably any other instrument. He also sings to you while playing your favorite songs on guitar (that's the best). He is tall, wears awesome clothes, and is ridiculously good-looking. He always smells great too. This guy is just absolutely perfect.
"This guy is soooo amazing and cute and sweet! He is just perfect!"
"He must be a Kevin."
by bd2748 May 12, 2010
a pussy licker
oooh look kevins up to her old tricks again
by the man of man February 09, 2009
A guy who is not a sexual fiend and is too "kevin" to make up a definition for himself. he does not
"That kevin is totally different from those cock-obsessing jock kevins'"
by ieezsooperawzumninja(= February 07, 2010
v. The act of hip-thrusting. The body is positioned in such a manner in which the movement of the pelvic muscles is maximized whereas the movement of the rest of the body is minimized. The hips are then thrusted back and forth in rapid succession. See HardGay.
After winning the epic warcraft match, Daniel kevined his monitor.
by BrandonY October 10, 2006
To sign off abruptly on someone.
Guy 1: Hey did you talk to him about saturday?
Guy 2: I couldn't, he pulled a kevin on me.
by D3k4ll September 30, 2010
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