Ugly nasty thing. Usually found at the gym sucking at basketball. He once tried to shoot at the air, and STILL MISSED!!!!
That guy is nasty...he must be a kenny.
by buutabfk June 06, 2015
a large, atrocious enormous blob of brownish stuff that comes out of your ass in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes crawling out, other times catapulting out, creating huge splashes. someone who is always in need of a shower, he stinks like dog anus.
"yesterday i invited kenny over for a sleepover and i could have sworn he had bathed in bloody diarrhea"

"oh tell me about it im never inviting that guy over again when i checked my bathroom there was shit stains all over my shower"

by jammal_richards May 19, 2014
The most retarded ass retard that has ever walked the Earth. A Kenny will walk in the house and automatically everyone inside starts feeling like possibly tieing him to the back of the car and dragging him through an old dirt road. Kenny's will pick the leaves off their pot plant before it has even produced any bud and he will smoke it and then tell you they did it while not realizing they are all a cock goblin baby raping piece of fucking dog shit. Kenny 's like to run their mouth which also has other uses such as a cock garage, ball washer, and nut basket. They always have on a dumbass smile like they just found a bag of dicks in their pockets.
Ben: "Hey did you see that retard over there?"
Michelle: "Yeah, he's one helluva Kenny!"
by t4kp22 June 01, 2013
A large penis with 2 relatively large testicles.
"Look, my kenny weighs more than any other penis"
by Kenny Lee December 01, 2006
mentally challenged cant remember a thing
that kid is a kenny
by Jfauci December 21, 2013
Kenny is a synonym for a male mexican who works at panda express. A Kenny is usually attracted to girls way out of his league. Also Kenny is commonly referred to as a piece of cauliflower. There is really no reason why... Most Kenny's also have extremely bad grammar. An example of this is when instant messaging Kenny; you may become confused by his ridiculously horrid grammar. Be prepared for when Kenny is confronted, he may reply to the accusation with a sour mood. it may be best to ignore his despicable use of the english language. ):
*IMs friend Kenny*

Innocient Bystander- "Heyyyy! Did you do the English homework?"

Kenny- "Homework no dewy"

*Replies to ridiculous reply from friend Kenny*

Kenny- "Never mind."
by CherryBomb!!!♥ October 16, 2010
One who is extremely passionate with sheep under a full moon, typically possessesing abnormally small genitalia and a thirst for farm love
That poor sheep got taken by a kenny with a tub of vaseline and a live chicken.
by Panty_Stang July 26, 2011

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