kenny is the best friend of (eric)cartman kyle and stan he is often teased for being poor and trailer trash he wears this weird jacket thing that covers his mouth and makes it hard to understand what hes saying. He doesnt die in every episode like the idiot says but he has died many times. Hes on the show south park. Little known fact he has blonde hair.
mrph hmmm mhhhh mpphph phpd mamppphh would be something kenny would say
by hagdskld November 11, 2006
A kind-hearted guy, usually with a passion for anything he can do with his hands, and loves making people smile. Be forewarned: if you are in a relationship with a Kenny, be expecting it to be passionate. They are usually great lovers in more ways than one, are usually perfectionists and pay great attention to detail. Usually prefers full figured women. Has a great memory, rarely forgets dates, songs, any little thing of significance to their significant other. Over-all, a great person to date or be in a relationship with. It's hard not to love a Kenny.
"Girrrrrrl, I just found this dude, and he actually thinks I'm just so pretty. He's kind and treats me like a goddess!"

"Is it a Kenny?"

"No doubt!"
by ItsCNasty November 21, 2011
The foreskin of the uncircumcised penis.
"Am I circumsized? No way! I've still got my Kenny."
by Jaina September 03, 2005
An amazing boy who is easy to fall in love with. He can be super sweet without trying, and you'll never get sick of him. He'll be there for you if you ever need him. He talks to you all the time once you have his heart. Can be known as a player, but one girl can easily break his "girl streak". Kenny loves his mom, but can also hate her. He never gets tired of telling you he loves you. He has the most amazing eyes, and a smile to die for. His imperfections cease to exist and he just seems like the perfect person. He is a great guy to have as a guy best friend for girls. He never leaves you. He believes in forever.
i love Kenny. he's just plain perfect.
by he_promised_forever April 11, 2011
The best fuck on earth. If you ever get this guy in the sack there is no doubt you are going to get off, He is a walking orgasm machine.
I took this guy home last night he got me off over and over but i don't remember his name but he is probably a Kenny
by r1r1der October 22, 2011
A common name for the most extreme person in the world. Anyone named Kenny or associated with someone named kenny is as Extreme as it gets.
Dude that guy is as extreme as it gets, is he Chuck norris? No it is Kenny.
by Obamaphobe2012 April 13, 2011
1.A poor but talented student of the world.
2.A tinker of ideas and technology.
3.A low-brow sage,someone filled with information,both useful and useless,mostly self educated.
4. A dichotomy of the Intellect and the Idiocracatic working for something greater than the sum of its parts.
5. A mixture of Larry the Cable Guy and Nickola Tesla.
1.Man I am so Kenny right now or just watch Beavis and Butthead or read Michio Katu's new book the physic's of the future not both.
2.That's so Kenny,I just taught my self how to make bagdad battery to power cell phone.
3.Ask so don't you think the Anakku are some of the Nephilim or just Sitchin E.T.s?Then watch Shin Chan.
by that guy man me January 16, 2012

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