a weird guy who has long hair and thinks he has bronze skin. he tries to convince people his name is "the bronze goddess" while drunk.
Kenny: i am the bronze goddess!
Bailey: shut the hell up dumbass you're pale and a goddess is a girl!!

by baileybabyyyyyyyy<33 March 29, 2009
Verb: The act of repeatedly sticking your penis in and out with futility because your penis is WAY too small.
After kennying all night the girl finally left and he felt ashamed
by DCM( YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS!) September 02, 2009
-A man who feels the need to show emotion towards others,hes ashamed when he does not do his best, often gariatrical behavior
Women feel the need to leave him because of his size inside his jeans, usually choses not to pick the best of friends because of his shrewd apprehension BEWARE
"I'm leaving you your to much like someone i know named kenny that i left last week because of the size of his pepperoni"
by samuel renford April 18, 2009
It's an American name and Asian guys who has this name is a real disgrace.

And they use a lot of cliche American brands. e.g.: Hollister, Abercrombie&Fitch, American Eagle, Volcom, Quiksilver, etc
Girl1: Hi Kenny!
Girl2: Ew, what an American name. And look what brand you're wearing. Hollister.
Kenny: STFU!
by ballssucksbutt August 27, 2008
NERD, Just nerd. With A.D.D. Often seen wearing a harness or running arond in circles on his tiptoes, for no reason.
You looked like a real Kenny licking the window.

You looked like a Kenny at the Special Olympics.
by Catherine Carlee August 07, 2009
a fat, balding man sometimes found in nightspots trying to reclaim their youth.
My God what are you doing here - You look haggard! You are gonna look like Kenny soon.
by JohnMojo February 11, 2008
Complete ass. Inconsiderate of everyone's feelings, besides his own. Gives up amazing girls for stupid midgets. Wears cucumber lotion on his thighs for the enjoyment of male hookers. Wears booty shorts- not because he has to, because he wants to. Drilled a whole in his xbox so he could make love to it. This person would rather sit around playing COD5 than get up and walk two feet for someone who actually cares about them. A liar and a backstabber and a straight up assface. His mind has gellatanized so far into the worst state you could imagine that you probably can't even comprehend it. Don't get involved with a Kenneth or Kenny, because he'll just try to touch you in dirty places while you sleep. Kenny's are bad bad people!
That kid that broke up with Kaitlyn and treats all his friends like dirt is Kenny.

Kenny is a complete asshole all the time.

Kenneth has no respect for anyone.

Kenny thinks he rules the world, and he wants to marry his xbox.
by Fishtankkk March 22, 2009

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