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A small boy with a small dick
you: i gave a kenny dome last nigh

me: a kenny?

you: small dick
by KENNY699999999 April 28, 2011
a guy with a tiny penis the size of a pinkie finger (or occasionally smaller).
Girl 1: Did you see Kenny? He's really cute! I would so tap that

Girl 2: I guess so, but he's a Kenny, so his dick is smaller than your pinkie!

Girl 1: Ew! forget it then!
by yourmom4life April 06, 2011
a distracting and lazy person who does not pay attention in class then claims that the others are the distraction.
"ohh stop, i have to pay attention. you are such a kenny, man!"
by 6345mrl March 04, 2010
A person who gets killed way to much, btu never dies fully because the devil sends him back from hell.
Damn, i tried to kill you, but you are such a kenny!
by Hîccüp January 10, 2008
Noun: a person that attempts to be a baller, very hairy person, also a character on south park

Verb: the act of having a poser fro
Wow that kid sure knows how to kenny
by ilovefros August 21, 2009
blonde hot surfer man who is obsessed with nice cars. do not try to drive his nice cars or he will kill you. he also enjoys snowboarding and DJing. However, he sometimes becomes depressed over the hardships of DJing...
Katherine: "I'll drive the Benz!"
Kenny: "Um...you?! drive the Benz? HAHA."

"Wow, look at that hot surfer on da beach!"
"Yeah, it's a Kenny!"

Danielle: "I need a DJ for my party tonight!"
Allie: "You should call up a Kenny"
by haygirl February 21, 2009
Verb: The act of repeatedly sticking your penis in and out with futility because your penis is WAY too small.
After kennying all night the girl finally left and he felt ashamed
by DCM( YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS!) September 02, 2009