A guy who you will think is amazing because you find he is easy to talk to, he always remembers small things about you, drives really well, teaches you little things and plays music for you. You will find him to be an amazing lover who is always there for you until one day he isn't anymore. He will break your heart. He will always come in and out of your life because he will never do better than you but one day he will do something you can't forgive him for.
Girl 1: "I totally met this awesome guy Kenny last night. He was so easy to talk to and super hot.

Girl 2: "I dated a Kenny one time. Totally broke my heart."
by Lemon squeezed sunshine January 14, 2012
one of the main characters form south park that just wont stay dead...
stan: oh my god you killed kenny
kyle: you bastards
next episode
stan: hey kenny
kenny: mmhp mmhp
by Suki-Chan :] December 23, 2008
Poor, broke, out of money.
I'd go out with you guy, but I'm so Kenny right now it's not even funny.
by Dark Lord Cthulhu December 02, 2011
Kenny. Is an amazingly dirty South Park charactar. He dies frequently and has a huge parka which covers most of his body and forces his voice to be muffled.
Kenny's latest line in the intro : I like fucking silly bitches cuz I know my penis likes it!
by DeathSorcerer508 June 13, 2014
a large, atrocious enormous blob of brownish stuff that comes out of your ass in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes crawling out, other times catapulting out, creating huge splashes. someone who is always in need of a shower, he stinks like dog anus.
"yesterday i invited kenny over for a sleepover and i could have sworn he had bathed in bloody diarrhea"

"oh tell me about it im never inviting that guy over again when i checked my bathroom there was shit stains all over my shower"

by jammal_richards May 19, 2014
The best car in the universe, created by god to tackle any task thrown it's rusty old way.

Kenny can be seen usually with P-Plates on, being driven by a responsible young person, or driven by a terrible L Plater.
"Oh my god look at that car! It's just so brilliant"
"It must be Kenny"

"Kenny's going to get new tyres today"
by Hollaville January 13, 2012
The most retarded ass retard that has ever walked the Earth. A Kenny will walk in the house and automatically everyone inside starts feeling like possibly tieing him to the back of the car and dragging him through an old dirt road. Kenny's will pick the leaves off their pot plant before it has even produced any bud and he will smoke it and then tell you they did it while not realizing they are all a cock goblin baby raping piece of fucking dog shit. Kenny 's like to run their mouth which also has other uses such as a cock garage, ball washer, and nut basket. They always have on a dumbass smile like they just found a bag of dicks in their pockets.
Ben: "Hey did you see that retard over there?"
Michelle: "Yeah, he's one helluva Kenny!"
by t4kp22 June 01, 2013

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