Keith is an amazing guy, who at first glance is shy and quiet, but once truly knowing him you'll be suprised how smart, strong, intelligent, funny, and thoughtful he is. Keith has a hard background and will tell you everything once you earn his trust and once you do try not to lose it. Keith doesn't brag or boast about what he has, rich kid or not, and will always help you out when you need it trying to make sure you're okay before he is.
Crystal: *sigh* Keith is so sweet and incredible and has such a nice build, I can't help but like him... I wonder if he'll like me back?
Friend: He will, trust me!
by #Keiana April 18, 2015
Keith is a name that means, “from the big forest” although it is often translated as “from the large wood,” which is most likely suggesting African decent, however Keiths appear to be white, thus must be of a race similar to that of an inside out oreo. Because of their decent Keiths typically have large penises and a good sense of swag, but they cannot always jump as high as a fully black person. Most are tall and good-looking, often having the same last name as a democratic comedian featured on comedy central.
Keith is so hawt. Check out his mad swag.
by $waggerDangle November 28, 2011
Someone who is irritating, tries to bullshit everything whether it is right or wrong. He is a gay. He costs trouble to everyone when it comes to teamwork. A soloist.
Keith is a idiot.
by truetoall July 08, 2012
That one tall skinny blonde kid who's good at everything he tries. He is naturally athletic and relatively smart and is extremely nice. He is usually a bit anti social and enjoys alone time on the computer. He is a good looking guy and has no problem attracting women, but he is not very good in bed. He has an insanely tiny penis and usually has trouble penetrating girls, let alone pleasing them.
Oh Keith is really such a cool guy, I was disappointed to see how small his dick was
by Lisatisabisa October 02, 2013
The nicest guy in the world!! he flirts with you all the time and you flirt back but no matter what you do he says he doesnt want to date anyone right now. He is very good looking and he thinks you are the most beautiful girl in the world:) An overall amazing guy that you are completely in LOVE with and is the bestest friend/boyfriend that anyone can ever have!!:)
Omg look at keith he is soooooo adorable!!
by uiobnxwoiujftsntohncoodnhognsl January 13, 2012
A bad ass, supposedly six sensed softy, that turns to a psychotic bastard when enraged that likes the taste of blood.
Don't turn into a Keith
by psychoasian October 16, 2014
That weird kid with an afro. He's pretty swagalicious though.
Why is he such a Keith?
by ilikedavid September 27, 2013

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