That weird kid with an afro. He's pretty swagalicious though.
Why is he such a Keith?
by ilikedavid September 27, 2013
Usually a total pussy, sometimes hides in corners to stalk children.
Me and Friend at park
Friend: Did you see where Keith went?
Me: Oh god don't say that name, too many kids!

Me: You going to fight them Keith?
by ZygoteHawking January 14, 2012
The least attractive male name.
Security System: In order to pass, you must answer this question. What is the least attractive male name?
Guy: Keith.
by purplecrayonmasterballs September 22, 2011
A stupid ugly faggot, that sucks giant veiny cock. He enjoys slurping the white, thick liquids that emerge from the end of a penis. Generally a short ugly fag, Keith eats poo.
That Keith kid is as described.
by Keith9786 December 24, 2012
the most hidious name in the world.
eww hees such a farm boy.
yeah what a keith
by Curleys Wife.. October 12, 2011
A charmer. The giver of gifts. A cheater.
Keith says all the right words and showers you with gifts til he has you then starts looking elsewhere for new conquests. He becomes a stingy critical partner.
by observer47 November 21, 2011
Possibly the ugliest male name in the entirety of the English Language. A name that nearly destroys the chances of getting laid for anyone who bears it.
From family guy:
Security system: "What is the ugliest male name?"
Peter: "hmmmmm..........keith"
Security system: ".....correct"
by bluhluhluhschning August 09, 2011
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