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The least attractive male name.
Security System: In order to pass, you must answer this question. What is the least attractive male name?
Guy: Keith.
by purplecrayonmasterballs September 22, 2011
the most hidious name in the world.
eww hees such a farm boy.
yeah what a keith
by Curleys Wife.. October 12, 2011
Possibly the ugliest male name in the entirety of the English Language. A name that nearly destroys the chances of getting laid for anyone who bears it.
From family guy:
Security system: "What is the ugliest male name?"
Peter: "hmmmmm..........keith"
Security system: ".....correct"
by bluhluhluhschning August 09, 2011
A 'keith' is a spot that you get on your chin.
Nice keith you got there
by l46876350976357 April 27, 2011
Someone who is called Keith.
However to be a true blue, fully-fledged Keith, it is advisable (But not compulsory!) to be also ginger, a recluse-homosexual and a believer in Judaism.
Guy 1: "You seen that ginger Jew over there?"
Guy 2: "I heard he said he was gay..?"
Guy 1: "Must be called Keith!!"
Guy 2: "KEITH!!"
by Keithluv4eva March 18, 2011
A weird dude who loves dirty feet in and around his mouth.
Check out the toe jam on that chick, where's Keith?
by Keith's shit friend! July 27, 2011
The most unattractive name. From Family Guy Episode Ocean's 3 and a half when the guys make it into the final door of the Peutersmith's vault.
Cyber Security: What is the most unattractive name?
Peter Griffin:....Keith
by Beef Rocmore December 21, 2010