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To be injured by a teamate in training.
I was running to get the ball and BAM...i got keithed :
by cantab man September 28, 2010
To be abused in a way that involves severed limbs and smart cars.
Dude that guy just got keithed? should we help him?
by The one who made keithed March 20, 2013
The art of coming up empty handed after a full nights worth of effort with a lady. Spending the entire night full of conversation, then pillow talk till 5 a.m. without sealing the deal are all symptoms of being keithed.
from female... "He came home with me last night and I was ready to do him, but I got keithed" from male.... " I am going to give this girl a good keithing tonight"
by The Weedler March 21, 2009
The act of stealing someone else's property, style, persona, or anything you called dibs on first.
Playing halo: "he just Keithed my kill!"
I was about to pull into that parking space, and that guy sped in front of me and keithed it!!
by Briianadon October 31, 2013
the feeling of almost falling back, after drinking some alcohol, not drunk, almost like tipsy,
yo i just got that keithed feeling
by rob June 04, 2003
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