A 'keith' is a spot that you get on your chin.
Nice keith you got there
by l46876350976357 April 27, 2011
Someone who is called Keith.
However to be a true blue, fully-fledged Keith, it is advisable (But not compulsory!) to be also ginger, a recluse-homosexual and a believer in Judaism.
Guy 1: "You seen that ginger Jew over there?"
Guy 2: "I heard he said he was gay..?"
Guy 1: "Must be called Keith!!"
Guy 2: "KEITH!!"
by Keithluv4eva March 18, 2011
A weird dude who loves dirty feet in and around his mouth.
Check out the toe jam on that chick, where's Keith?
by Keith's shit friend! July 27, 2011
1 an arrogant douche
2 a man with a tiny penis
he kept talking about how he had sex with all these chicks:really? wow what a keith

she said it was only 4 inches long, wow haha keith dick
by jsmithMF August 16, 2010
One who loves the ween in and around his mouth. Greek for "ween loving homo". Found in old latin text referring to gay male prostitutes. Loves it up the poop shoot.
Put your dick away you Keith
by ratchet123 October 10, 2010
Typically an overweight, condescending kind of guy who gets his daily elitist fixes by pointing out the obvious. A Keith generally fears change and will use any excuse, no matter how ridiculous, to avoid changing anything. Petty, stubborn, arrogant, paranoid and exceptionally small minded. Often found working in IT offices around the country.
Andy: Keith, have you changed something?
Keith: Maybe
Andy: Any ideas as to what you might have changed?
~ 2 minutes elapses ~
Keith: No, soz. I knew a couple of minutes ago though

by ScarredByKeiths August 29, 2010
-The most unattractive male name.
- typically an ass who feels as though he's entitled to everything and who does nothing to support that attitude.
Keith -A redneck who thinks its cool to save beer can tabs.
by Rose Elizabeth Dawson September 25, 2010
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