The sporty type who loves Nutella!
Hey, there's Keith!
by rheaivykit April 25, 2013
A Small dick boy
Wow that's a keith
by Star boy December 28, 2014
A short, stanky booty lil boy.. who eats niggables.
Person 1:"You seen keith today?"

Person 2: "Yeah.. his booty stank."
by Sumank jones February 10, 2014
A Keith,
A Guy that is so amazingly hott he doesn't know it. He really has no clue. Funny, considering he is so intelligent you think he'd get it.. Has a really handsome smile and these bright eyes that make you shiver and giggle. He's sweet natured and kind. Goofy and tends to do weird things like try to make you fart or bite your nails for you.. but probably the best guy you'll ever meet. Keith's are a catch and you usually don't know what to say to them except nervously texting "your awesome." Don't let him pay for you every time, it's amusing to see him get mad at the chinese lady for taking a girl's credit card over his. P.S. Amazing in Bed. Freaking Amazing. So pleasing it's unbearable.
Me: Keith! You are so sexy
Keith: No, I'm not.
Me: Seriously, Keith, Do I have to post pics to make you believe me?
by IiSaReDnEcKlOvEr September 06, 2013
one word : AWESOME
Girl 1: who's the cool kid
girl 2: that's keith he's awesome
by wolf kiid January 14, 2013
Usually sexy. They're older than their girlfriends. They usually either have blonde, brown, or black hair. Normally curly. They are tan. They treat women with respect. When his friends say "bros before hoes" he corrects them that its his girlfriend first. She's his priority. He loves to party. Weed, alcohol and girls and he's set. He likes having people's exes. He's very outgoing and loud.
"Did you see him? He must be a Keith."
by RockYourNight June 03, 2013
the best boyfriend you will ever have. even when you hop on his swagg when you study for english tests together.
I want a Keith too!
by swagghopper6996 March 29, 2011

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