An intelligent, tall, handsome, witty, thoughtful, sweet, strong, respectable, kind, patient, imaginative, ingenious, logical, motivated, balanced, responsible, helpful, open-minded, utterly kissable, well-travelled man with a great ass.

See also: Someone in whom's heart, thoughts and arms one wishes always to be <3 (Totally sappy. Deal.)
Friend #1: She's always talking about him.
Friend #2: I know. Even when she's not talking about him, you can tell she's thinking about him, because she's smiling real wide.
Friend #1: Well, he's a great guy! He's a real Keith!
by adribatch February 05, 2010
ke(i)-th\ is pronounced keeth. It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is: Celtic/Gaelic - "Warrior Descending"
Old Welsh - "from the forest" or wood. Keith is strong, intelligent and wise.
by jen k February 05, 2010
Shy but sweet. Gentle, not rough. Someone you can rely on, trust, and be honest with. He's cute enough to make you go aw. He's really nice. Straightforward and complicated but, that's intriguing. It's what makes him interesting. Lovely and amazing. He's someone you can joke around with or just sit next to. He's not the type of person who expects a lot out of you. He's the type who is willing to put up with you even if you're a handful, he's understanding. He may be lame but, he's worth meeting.
Keith makes me smile.

Keith is the best.
by rawrxar January 22, 2011
A sweet and caring guy. Beautiful eyes (usually brown). Enjoys being bitten on the shoulder (not tooo hard though). His smile can light up a room. and he can make you feel special without even trying. often confusing... and sends mixed signals... if your with a keith dont break up with him... and dont let him leave you.. he is often generous and loving and would do anything for his girlfriend.. he is not usually a wealthy kind of guy... but will use what money he has on the necessities... Keith's are usually very kissable... and will always be memorable... Keep him in your heart forever <3
Keith -The Sexiest Man Alive
by $exiChicaz October 22, 2011
A small person that is extremely adept to stealth,stamina and being ninja or be a person for moral guidance
Ex.1 Dude how can you sneak up on me you Keith.
Ex.2 thank you for listening to what i have to say,your such a Keith.
by Irick101 December 10, 2008
Short form of Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale. Brewed Only in Nova Scotia since 1820.
Going to the Liquor store to get a 2-4 of Keith's
by Deepg May 19, 2005
strong canadian beer. brewed exclusively in Halifax, Nova Scotia since 1820 and is distributed through all of Canada.

"dude, fuck colt 45 moosepiss and all that noise, smoke that J and crack open a keith's!!"
by eazy-b November 09, 2005
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