1. what you need to get up off of...

2. bulbous enclosure of fat located at the back of the bus, can be used as a floatation device in the event of an emergency.
get off your damn keister and get in the game
by ob1 March 30, 2004
1. vi/vt. To hide contraband in one's anus.

2. n. One who hides contraband in his anus.
If you want cigs, see Johnny -- that keister bunny's got a veritable Bodega stashed up there.
by Robbie October 24, 2004

Pronunciation: 'kEs-t&r, 'kIs-
Variant(s): also kees·ter /'kEs-/
Function: noun
Etymology: satchel (English slang)
slang : BUTTOCKS
The word is out about town,
That Rock Hudson loved it in the brown;
He eschewed the nubile maids,
And now he has a case of AIDS.

Those who finally got him,
Penetrated his well-rounded bottom.

While down in Tijuana Town, when asked:
"Hey meester! Do you want to fuck my seester?"
Rock replied: "Hell no! Sock it to me in the keister!

-- doggrel, circa 1985
by Nelly Scratch December 06, 2006
(also keester, keyster, kiester, or kister)

1. the buttocks

2. a suitcase that opens up into a display of goods

3. a rear pants pocket

4. a safe
He got shot in the keister.
by Light Joker July 21, 2005
Use the lower portion of your digestive system as a storage bin for contraband
Carl had to keister a half-kilo of coke in order to clear customs from Columbia.
by Cass July 01, 2005
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