a fun way to say sister, it is something for close sisters who love each other to tell each other and know that it is only theres.
Caroline, i miss you seester, see you soon!

Man my seester is so cool!
by caitieboo October 16, 2006
A girls best friend. Seester is a word used when talking about you favorite sibling. Seesters share a bond that not many share, and nothing will ever compete with it!!
Kelli loves and misses her seester Heather!!
by kme00987 January 21, 2011
1. A loving nickname to call your sister. NOT used to describe a fellow sorority sister or close girlfriend.
2. Female sibling who you share a unique loving bond, despite any sibling rivalry.
I miss you seester!

It's seeester tiiimee...
by SeesterLove April 19, 2011
Often described as "Sisters" . Commonly used in Northern states.
" Wheres my little seesters ? "
by Vannerbug April 03, 2010

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