an alternative feminine hygiene product made of naturally occurring latex. Similar to the diva cup
The cup of my keeper was too large for my twat so I had to go down a size.
by taintedglass March 01, 2010
Defines a turd that resists is still in the bowl after a flush, hence a keeper.
"Hey, come check out my keeper!"
by edawg999 November 01, 2006
A pimp, or panderer, and by definition thereof: psychologist, groomer, educator, father figure, best friend, and mate.
I ain't her keeper.
by Elroy Fitz January 31, 2004
The verb "to keeper" means to spam considerably and profusely, especially in the context of an internet forum.
"Boy, we really need to ban that spammer. He keepers so much that it's making a mess of these forums."
by TheLoneStarr August 22, 2005
One who sumbits to anothers sexual favors.
You are my keeper and I want to have sex with you.
by joey gladdus August 06, 2011
to let your friends know that a girl is fat or ugly while being in the presence of girls.
That girl Tanner hooked up with last night was a keeper.
by jimjas November 12, 2009
A Female who after finding out that thier pregnant decides to keep the baby without the significant other's consent.
"You sure you want to date Priscilla? She's a Keeper!"
by Nude God December 29, 2011
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