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At someone else's house, you turn off the water supply to the toilet, then flush it. Now the toilet bowl is empty, no water in it. Now you take a dump, essentially leaving your turd welded to the inside of the toilet bowl. This is "dry docking". The bathroom now smells like an outhouse since the turd is fully exposed to the air. For added effect, bring a jar with a few flies, release them in the bathroom, thereby enhancing the outhouse "feel".
"After I had sex with his wife, I dry docked one in his office bathroom."
by edawg999 November 01, 2006
The tiny balls of shit that cling to your butt hairs and stubbornly resist wiping with toilet paper.
Joe: "Geez dude, you smell like ass."
Billy: "That's just my runkus...guess I need a shower."
by edawg999 November 01, 2006
short for "super-looser"
"Why you hangin' with sulu?

To someone you detest: "Hey sulu, what's up?"
by edawg999 November 01, 2006
Defines a turd that resists flushing...it is still in the bowl after a flush, hence a keeper.
"Hey, come check out my keeper!"
by edawg999 November 01, 2006
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