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kdk prank calls, being the prank call show on every saturday nite at 10, despite it's zero budget and zero advertisement , it has gained a loyal cult following since it's start several years ago. kdk is also known to attract haters who envy his independent success(see
hey! lets hack this redneck's answering machine
by apollo creed May 15, 2004
KDK is the internet pseudonym of a internet radio show host. He hosts the show KDK's Lunatic Fringe on PCU: Prank Call Underground Radio over SHOUTCast( and has a small community of fans around him and PCU.
Mark, is KDK on tonight?
by Master_stghm June 24, 2005
kdk stands for kneading dough keeding. it just means joking and not taking things seriously.
dont take it so serious i was just kdk!
by jarjarbing August 12, 2009
Afkorting voor "Kust de klote."

vb: Kust de klote allemaal, ik gaan poepe op Ibiza
KDK paikes, regel et.
by MNO Events December 19, 2013
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