Contrary to popular belief, kust has nothing to do with cum, or sex at all for that matter. In fact, kust is the name given to the line of dirt which refuses to be swept into the dustpan no matter how hard one struggles.
1. "Damn this kust, I'm going to have to get out the vacuum..."

2. "Is this dustpan broken or what babe?"

"Hun, it's that effin' kust again, the dustpan is fine."
by Necromancer686 February 07, 2010
The result of kitty hair combining with dust to form a new, disgusting element.
Kust is most commonly found in homes with long haired cats.
by Ruenaros January 17, 2011
sounds like a mix of bust and cum
uhhh baby im gunna kust!
by kyle TF November 18, 2006

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