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He is the main character from Tekken series. Defeated by Heihachi and thrown into the mouth of a volcano twenty years ago, Kazuya was brought back to life by G Corporation, a biotech firm making revolutionary advances in the field of biogenetics research. With G Corporation’s aid, Kazuya investigated the mechanism of the Devil Gene that resides within his body by subjecting himself to genetic experiments. Kazuya believed that once he unlocked and controlled the power of the Devil Gene, he would be powerful enough to defeat Heihachi and destroy the Mishima Zaibatsu. Twenty years later, the Tekken Forces attacked a G Corporation research facility without warning and succeeded in stealing research data for the Mishima Zaibatsu. Kazuya learns that he was also a target in the attack. Infuriated that Heihachi once again ruined his plans, Kazuya is determined to seek his revenge against Heihachi more than ever. Kazuya instantly recognizes the announcement of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 as a trap set by Heihachi to lure him out. Despite this knowledge, Kazuya enters the Tournament. It is his chance to defeat Heihachi.
by Samurai Katsu October 15, 2003
The best character in tekken. He has the most powerful moves and even a devil form. God knows why Heihachi always beats him...
Heihachi: let's see what you got

Kazuya: *10 hit combo*

by generic person March 27, 2005
LOL u r a fag. Kazuya unlike Heihachi actually deserves the titl King of Iron Fists. He only gets beaten in tekken 2 and doesnt get the shit kicked out of him in it. It was a cursed blood battle that raged on for hours in case u didnt no. Kazuya has also the most amount of Iron Fist tournaments - 2. Heihachi has won only 1.
Heihachi is good fighter in the game but a fag in the storyline
Kazuya is a word derived from the latin words Kazr and YAR, meaning a very sexy character, indigenous to the Australian highlands. His known for his stunningly good looks, laughable personality, but this matters not when taking a glimpse at his Adonis like body, both sexes will be on their knees with great praise.

While a rare creature, it is often found in the regions of KFC as well as the daunting out limits known as Jandakot
Kazuya makes me want to touch myself at night.
by ICHIGEKI! HAI! July 28, 2004
That sissy-fighting guy from Tekken who always has the crap beat out of him by his dad Heihachi and virtually every other character in the game, despite his pact with the Devil to increase his power. He was supposed to be dead for good in Tekken 3.
Instead of a regular Tekken tournament, Heihachi decided it was more logical to hold a "Beat up Kazuya" day, where even a five year old kid can take a few punches at the laughingstock of the Tekken universe.
by LOL November 28, 2003
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