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A beautiful young girl that is never to be mean, fun to be with while make you smile no matter what. She's an amazing girl that you can always have fun with she is unique no one compares to her very talented.She has a passion for soccer and she can get most of the guys. Very lovable. She is very outgoing and outstanding. She is very nice and kind. Is very innocent and she's like a soft teddy bear. You can trust her with anything. She always loves to help people and has the best advice ever. You get lost in her brown eyes they lead you into a beautiful world that is indescribable. A girl that is worth fighting for. A girl who's worth fighting for. A girl that doesn't ask for much but is happy with what she has , she is a girl who would never be down. She is very cheerful and always optimistic. She has her laugh attacks that make you just want to laugh on with her. She is the happiest girl alive and she will make you very happy. If you ever meet a Katheryne keep her in you're life it would be the best thing that would ever happen to you
Boy : I love Katheryne I think I have a chance with her
Boy 2 : I know, shes just so nice and beautiful
by CharlieGarzon February 14, 2014
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A katheryne is a smartass, experienced and wise woman. They are cynical and forgetful. They are old and sexy. They are saggy and strong. They make for great grandmothers and amazing lovers.
"Dude, your grandma is a total katheryne!"

"Thank you kindly!"
by roommatesboyfriend September 23, 2008

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