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Katheryn's are usually one of the most awesome people you will ever meet, think of the most awesome person you know, times that by 222 and that's how awesome Katheryn's are. Katheryn's are smart, beautiful and seedyyy. Dont be fooled they may act stupid and say stupid stuff but really they are awesome. No one can compare to the bubbly personality of a Katheryn.
Girl 1: Wow Katheryn, your so awesome
Katheryn: Oh ive heard that before ;)
by bubbleeessssss October 07, 2010
Katheryn are beautiful girls that are worth having in your life. they are funny, random, intelligent, and fabulous. if you ever meet a katheryn in your life buy her flowers treat her like a queen cause she deserves it. katheryn's may act dumb at times but it not annoying it pretty funny and most times really cute. Katheryn can also make some of the cutest and funniest face expressions you could ever see
shes definitely a katheryn <3
by BBBIGBOND March 13, 2013
A girl that wants to be a hippy and is quite attractive.
That katheryn girl was rocking some mad hippie glasses today, and did you see that headband?
by gneheid October 31, 2008
a very curvy blonde with a nice butt and a great rack.loves to be different and is always funny. she'll play it dumb but very smart. everyone's jealous because shes so beautiful, but watch out, katheryns are crazy,loud, social butterflies!
guy 1: "so i heard you partied with a chick?"
guy 2: "yeah she was a total katheryn!"
by Bearhug123 January 19, 2012
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